Welcome to Bio Behavioral Health


We are a specialized Outpatient Psychiatric Practice made up of a Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Licensed Social Workers, Advanced Practice Nurses, Clinical Research Team, Office Manager, and Administrative Staff. Our focus is to improve the mental health of our clients in a therapeutic and supportive environment.

Our philosophy of Bio Behavioral Health is to treat therapeutically through Medication Management and Psychotherapy. Our multi-disciplinary approach offers our clients a full treatment advantage through our on site Psychiatrist, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Licensed Social Workers. Together as a team our Professional Staff recommend an individualized course of treatment to address the chemical, behavioral, and emotional issues unique to each individual. Bio Behavioral Health Inc. is a state of the art investigative site conducting clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials are scientific research studies designed to find better ways to treat or prevent diseases. The clinical trials that we are involved in are for a variety of indications and can be for new drugs in the approval process or for already marketed medications. Participation is on a voluntary basis. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision about participating in a clinical trial and to help you understand the clinical trial process. People who volunteer to participate in our clinical trials often find these study opportunities to be beneficial to their health and a very rewarding experience.